The Dames + Dregs Beer Festival believes strongly in the power of visibility to inspire everyone. We imagine a world where:

  • Women stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their male peers within in the beer industry.
  • Women are fully informed of and have the space to celebrate the history of female contributions to the art and science of
  • A sustainable community exists that embraces female-led organizations, both in the beer industry and the world beyond, including art, music, food, crafts, and non-profit organizations.
  • A fun, informative and engaging festival is relevant, socially conscious, and gives back to the community.





The Dames + Dregs Beer Festival is an Atlanta-based experience that seeks to empower and educate the community by celebrating the female contributions to brewing, both in the present and throughout history. We strive to create an enticing, supportive, and inspiring atmosphere, featuring the hard work and talents of female-led breweries, brewers and brewery employees who are women, as well as female-led businesses and non-profit organizations within the community.