“A portion of each ticket purchased will be donated to the International Women’s House, an Atlanta based organization whose mission is to provide a safe haven and supportive services to women and children who are victims of family violence, sexual abuse, and human trafficking”



The Dream Warriors Foundation is a funding mechanism to support Dream Warriors. Through online channels, an extensive resource directory, and grants, the foundation will provide IRL connections and funding opportunities for a unified community.


 LifeLine Animal Project isn’t your average animal welfare organization. We take a holistic approach to improving the standard of care for animals in Atlanta through management of the county shelters, adoption programs, spay and neuter clinics and community outreach efforts.
Since taking over management of DeKalb County Animal Services and Fulton County Animal Services in 2013, thousands of lives have been saved and adoptions have been increased by 150%.

Ahimsa House is Georgia’s first and only organization dedicated to addressing the link between domestic violence and animal cruelty. We provide our services (including all vet care, supplies, up to 60 days of housing for pets, payment of pet deposits in new rentals, and much more) free of charge to any victim of domestic violence with pets in Georgia while they seek safety.

We are looking to work with the start-up community to foster innovative ideas that will push PR into the future we know it is meant for.

An Atlanta art sanctuary initiates groundbreaking project to gift the White House with more than 100,000 pieces of original art from all areas of the region. Cleverly named after Trump’s famous “The Art of the Deal” book, “The Art of the Heal” is a non-partisan, grassroots project that intends to join ordinary people from all walks of life in a giant display of self and communal expression.